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Promo Videos

Our promotional videos tell the full story of your company, organization, or passion. We offer full scale promotional videos that include multiple video shots, full scripting, drone footage, music bed, professional voice-over, editing, and graphics. Our promotional videos are unique because we spend the necessary time to get to know you and your vision for the video you want. We establish life-long relationships with our clients. Telling their story to the world is an honor and a mission for us.


Our commercials are creative, professional, and truthful. We offer full scale commercials with multiple video shots, full scripting, drone footage, music bed, professional voice-over, editing, and graphics. We also offer small scale commercials with only a few of those elements for time and cost-effectiveness. With Elishah’s unique background in journalism and TV across the nation, we know that the best way to sell any product or service is to be honest with your future clientele and showcase all that is good about what you have to sell and why.

Social Media Pops

Our social media videos are fast, effective, and easy to upload and use on all social media platforms. We offer all that you can get in our full scale commercials and small scale commercials for our social media videos, but in an abbreviated timescale. Most social media viewers spend about 3 seconds on a video before deciding if they want to view it or not from there. Therefore, our videos for social media are tailor-made for a fast-paced and busy audience who needs your message quickly and effectively. We work with keywords and more than 20 years of writing expertise to get the best and most condensed message or your organization, company, or mission to the world.

Political Interviews

Our political expertise is second to none in the state of Wyoming. With more than a decade’s long experience in TV journalism with ABC, CBS, and FOX syndicates around the nation and abroad, we specialize in interviewing, videoing, and working with political leaders and their campaigns. Elishah has interviewed state governors, state senators, representatives, congress members, commissioners, city officials, and covered major presidential campaigns including the re-election of President Obama. Whether you are looking to highlight a political cause and need to connect with political leaders in the state, or whether you are a candidate seeking an office to serve the people, we are here to advise, guide, and showcase all there is in the political arena with integrity and non-bias.

Website Design

Website design and production is a delicate art in today’s society. From finding the right hosting site and domain, to the right colors and keywords, we specialize in websites that are informational and e-commerce driven. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to
website design and we are here to help you get exactly what is best for your organization, company, or passion and then show you the way to market it to the world effectively.

Non Profit Videos

Our non and not for profit organizations are the heartbeat of our community and state. Therefore, we are honored to highlight and go above and beyond for these amazing organizations. With more than 15 years experience promoting, showcasing, reporting on, and fundraising for non and not for profit organizations, you can expect the highest quality product and one-on-one training on how to get the most out of your video to raise vital funding. This is a unique service we are honored to offer to our non and not for profit clients.

Donor Videos

Our goal is to make every video we produce a way for you and your organization to gain revenue. ROI is extremely important when it comes to video production, and every video you purchase should ‘work for you.’ Our donor videos are geared specifically to helping you and/or your organization raise the funds and gain the donors you need to meet your goals. Through graphics, video, scripting, and carefully selected keywords, we will create a video that will actually do ‘the ask’ for you.

Sizzle Reels

Our sizzle reels highlight what is best and most engaging about your company, organization, or mission. These videos are made specifically to act as video banners on your website, but they can also be used in multiple ways for promotion on all social media platforms. Through video shots, music, and graphics, we’ll tell the overall story and goal of
your organization and get the viewer hooked from the minute they click on your website or your link.

Company/Individual Highlight Reels

Our community and our state are full of some of the most exceptionally talented and hardworking individuals in the nation. We specialize in telling these individual’s success stories (which almost always include individuals who graciously give credit to others for their achievements) and how they have impacted the lives of so many others. We also are skilled at sharing the history and the legacy of companies making a difference in the community’s overall progress. Elishah has been working to highlight and honestly show what good can come from ordinary community and businessmen and women, who turn out to be the most extraordinary individuals in the country.

Special Occasions

Our special occasion is getting to work with you, so we know just how valuable and irreplaceable your special occasions are to you. There is no greater honor in life, than to be asked to share someone’s special occasion or moment. We believe that every special moment and occasion should be captured for generations to come in your family and/or business. Whether it’s a wedding, a baptism, or a last goodbye, please don’t miss the opportunity to preserve something truly important… the moment you have with the ones you care the most about in life. We will capture every one of these moments for you with respect, discretion, and joy and then combine them into one piece for you to treasure for a lifetime.

Press Releases and Scripts

Our press releases and scripts come with more than 10 years of journalism experience in some of the most competitive markets in the nation. Our expertise in this area will help get the word out about your organization, event, or political campaign with effective messaging. Elishah has interviewed and followed the campaigns of senators, congressmen and women, and even President Obama. If you are looking for help in writing or designing your message, we are here to advise, help, and create it for you.

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